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Shuffle Algorithm Test
The shuffling and distribution process for all games starts with a new deck with the cards sorted in the suits of Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds, as shown in the example below.
                    Then the cards are completely and randomly scrambled between 5 to 15 times. The number of times is also determined randomly for each game played, that is, a game can have the cards completely scrambled 7 times and another game 12 times.
                    Subsequently, the normal trump choice and distribution process is carried out in the correct order, just as if a real game were in place. This distribution process varies depending on the game and so you should read the rules for each one for more details.
                    The algorithm can then be tested as often as you like. The result after clicking on "SHUFFLE CARDS" would be the deck to be used in a Sueca game.
                    This entire process is completely random and inviolable by any user, moderator or site administrator. In other words, it is totally impossible to favor or penalize any user or group of users. All PREMIUM or free users are subject to exactly the same distribution process.
                    It would be counterproductive to favor PREMIUM users away from free users who are a substantial part of Suecalandia, or favor free users away from PREMIUM that generate fixed revenue.