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The user should read and make sure he understands and accepts all the conditions set in the Usage Rules and in the Terms and Conditions, as well as other documents incorporated by reference.

Every time you log in to Suecalandia you are agreeing to them. The non-compliance could result in sanctions.

If you have any questions, access our webpage of Contact.

1. General Information

Respecting each other is an essential requirement for an online community to run correctly.

2. Moderation

The moderators work on a voluntary basis. Their role is to clarify users in the Help Room and to analyze their complaints. Any user can report situations that they may consider less appropriate, either in the chat rooms or at the gaming tables, using for that the report buttons.

3. Users

When registering in Suecalandia the user will be asked to choose a name. The username chosen cannot be considered libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, offensive or objectionable. Any usernames that infringe this rule, as soon as they are detected, will be immediately deleted. Please note that the account is the user's responsibility, as well as all the activities related to it. We recommend that you keep your password confidential so as to prevent problematic situations.

4. Teams

Each user can only manage and/or control a team either through his account or other accounts. When a violation of this rule is detected, the team will be permanently deleted and the user may be sanctioned.
The users are free to join and leave teams at any time, as long as they do not jeopardize the proper functioning of Suecalandia.
The Teams name follow the same rule, that means that a team name considered libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, offensive or objectionable cannot be chosen. Any team names that infringe this rule, as soon as they are detected, will be immediately deleted.

5. Cheating Situations

No unsportsmanlike behaviour will be tolerated with the objective of winning points. Suecalandia reserves the right to reset the points to zero, and it can even cancel the account. To that effect the following behaviours will be taken into account:
  1. To adjust the ranking artificially, losing on purpose;
  2. To encourage the opponent to leave the game;
  3. To play with a partner that is in the same place, being therefore possible physical contact;
  4. To repeatedly play in a way that raises reasonable doubts that the players are communicating with each other.

6. Behaviour

No disrespect whatsoever will be tolerated among users. The following behaviours, as soon as they are reported or detected by moderators in chat rooms or game tables, will be sanctioned. Namely:
  1. The use of vulgar and offensive language;
  2. The promotion of hate based on race, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation among others;
  3. The spread of other users' personal information without their consent;
  4. The obstruction to the moderators' work;
  5. To try to deceive other users by impersonating a Suecalandia´s representative;
  6. To provoke or to threat other users;
  7. To share the registration data;
  8. To try to obtain information of the other users' accounts;
  9. To use advertising.

7. Sanctions

6.1. The moderators will sanction the users who intentionally or repeatedly impede the flow of a conversation. 6.2. Suecalandia will not allow the usage of multiple nicks, used intentionally to avoid sanctions. The transgressor may face permanent sanctions in all the used nicks.
6.3. Suecalandia reserves the right to cancel your account if you violate the rules, without the right to any refund or future obligations.