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Game rules
Players and Cards

Up&Down is a 4-player game, all against all.
The deck only has 40 cards, and the 8s, 9s and 10s are removed from the standard card deck.
The rank of the cards in each suit, from high to low, is:

Ace Seven King Jack Queen 6 5 4 3 2

In Up&Down, the objective is to win tricks which are worth 1 or 2 points each. The value of the cards in itself is not relevant.
Each player starts with 20 points and the first player reaching the 0 points wins.

The Start

It is played counter-clockwise.
The dealer gives each player 3 cards according to the sequence of the game, starting with the player on his right. The first player that received the cards, chooses the trump suit.
Once the trump suit is chosen, the dealer has to deal two more cards to each player, following the same order of the previous three.
Each player will have 5 cards at the beginning of the game.

Suits with special meaning:
  • Hearts – Everyone has to play
  • Clubs – The value of tricks doubles (each trick will be worth 2 points)

Choose trump and access risk

When choosing the trump, the player can choose any of the available suits or he can ask to turn the next card that he would be given.
If the player chooses to turn the card, the suit of that card will be the trump and all the opponents will know it. That card remains in the hand of the person who asked to turn it.

Once the trump was chosen, all the players decide if they are going to play or not (except if it is Hearts) and they have the possibility of exchanging cards.
All 5 cards can be exchanged.
Once the cards are exchanged, the player must play.

Other rules that oblige you to play:
  • Who chooses trump;
  • Who has 5 points or less;
  • Who chose not to play twice in a row.

If only one player takes a chance and plays, one considers he has won the 5 tricks and moves directly to the scoring phase.

This assessment phase and cards exchange is particularly important, considering that the player is penalized if he does not win any trick. (see below the scoring phase)

The Game

Those who decided not to take risks will have to wait until the rest of the players have finished the game.
The player that chose the trump is the one that starts and all the 5 rounds will have to obey the following rules:
  • The player that starts, has to play the Ace of Trump, if he has it.
  • It is always mandatory to follow the first card's suit, unless he does not have any cards of that suit.
  • If he does not have any cards of that suit, he must play trump, except if he does not have it or if the trump he has is lower than one on the table already.
  • If there is already a trump on the table and he does not have any cards of the initial suit, it is always mandatory to play a higher trump.

The rules to decide who wins the hand are the same of Sueca, that is, whoever played the highest card of the initial suit (if there are no trumps) or whoever plays the highest trump wins.


At this stage each player's tricks are counted and points are given.

If the trump suit is clubs, the tricks are worth the double, which means, 2 points each.

For the players who have made at least one trick, it is subtracted the scoring obtained in this game to the general score.
For the players who do not make any trick:
  • 10 points are added if the trump suit is clubs
  • 5 points are added if it is any other trump suit
The players that chose not to play do not suffer any changes in the score.

This type of score is what gives name to the game Up&Down.

If any of the players gets a score equal or less than 0, the game is over and that player is the winner.

At the end of the game the winner receives X+Y+Z RISCOS, where X, Y and Z is the final score of the defeated players. To the defeated players are deducted N RISCOS, where N is their final score.
- Leaving an ongoing game: -100 RISCOS (the number of RISCOS deducted is higher since the game Up&Down lasts longer, and only finishes when a player reaches 0)