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Latest news

Wednesday, March 9th, 2022


Games with bots no longer count towards the ranking and when leaving a table, when the remaining credits are transferred to your account, all wins or losses on those games with bots will be excluded.
The special round for distributing the pot will also take place when the pot is equal to or greater than the maximum buy-in for that table.


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Sunday, January 9th, 2022


Lerpa's game is now available for testing.
This game introduces a new concept, credits, which will be played on the table depending on the number of tricks won.
Credits are offered daily to all users up to a certain limit.
It is also possible to get credits by watching ads.
It is not at all possible to buy credits using real money or convert credits to cash or goods.


A new type of ranking by efficiency was created.
Only users who have played a certain number of games are eligible:
- Current month: minimum 50 games per day (for example, on the 9th the player must have at least 450 games);
- Previous months and global: minimum 1400 games (28 days x 50 games);


The last trick now has a reduced time limit of 3 seconds in order to speed up the end of the game. Even if this play is automatic, it does not count towards expulsion.
New animation at the end of the trick where cards are collected for the player who won it.
Minor corrections in play times.

Rules - Sueca

Players and Cards

Sueca is a 4-player game, played in pairs, two against two, with partners sitting opposite.
The deck only has 40 cards, and the 8s, 9s and 10s are removed from the standard card deck.
The rank of the cards in each suit, from high to low, is:

Ace Seven King Jack Queen 6 5 4 3 2

In Sueca, the goal is to win valuable cards. The cards are worth:
  • Ace -> 11 points
  • Seven -> 10 points
  • King -> 4 points
  • Jack -> 3 points
  • Queen -> 2 points
  • 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 -> 0 points
In total, there are 120 points in the deck.

The Start

It is played counter-clockwise and the first to shuffle is chosen randomly.
The player that shuffles passes the cards to his partner to cut them. Then this last one passes the cards to the player on his right and that is the player that will deal the cards. The dealer takes the first or the last card of the deck and turns it facing up, thus revealing the trump (which is the suit of the card facing up).
After that, the dealer gives 10 cards all at once to the player on his left and continues dealing the cards clockwise. The card facing up belongs to the dealer.
However, the dealer can choose to turn the first card to reveal the trump suit. So he takes nine cards for himself (1+9=10), and deals them counter-clockwise.

The Game

The player that cut the cards starts. The other players must follow the suit played by the first player. The player that doesn't have any cards of the suit led, can play any other card, including the trump. The highest card of the suit, or the highest trump wins the round. The player who won leads the next suit.
If a player lies about not having any suit, and is caught, he will be revoking. Consequently the opponent pair wins the game automatically and accumulates four points.


The aim of the game is to get as many valuable cards. The team that at the end of the game has more than half (over 60) of the total points, wins 1 RISCO.
If a team scores 91 points or more, the game will be 2 RISCOS worth.
Moreover, if a team wins all the rounds, the game finishes automatically, accomplishing 4 RISCOS. Yet if a team loses a round (with or without points) it is not enough and, in that case, the game is only 2 RISCOS worth.
If both teams tie for 60 points each, none of them accumulates RISCOS.

- Victory by 120 (no trick of the opponent team): +4 RISCOS for each player of the winning pair (the defeated pair players´ RISCOS do not suffer any changes)
- Victory by 91 or more: +2 RISCOS
- Victory by 61 or more: +1 RISCO
- Leaving an ongoing game: -10 RISCOS
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